While in Rome

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Rome, the Eternal City!

Rome offers in all seasons of the year the opportunity to discover places of history and uncommon cultural experiences.

As often happens, even Rome in the winter has less tourists, which makes it all the more reason to go to his discovery! They know well, those of you who have stayed in Rome during the summer, maybe waiting for hours in the queue to museums or having to wait for the round even remember to take pictures in front of a statue or a monument. In winter, the Eternal City rediscovers his side authentic and original, offering tourists who choose to visit an atmosphere on a human scale, or better, suitable for tourist! The queues and stress is halved and this makes the holiday more enjoyable.

In addition, the climate in Rome, notably mild, proves one more reason to visit the capital, especially for foreigners or the inhabitants of northern Italy, accustomed to colder temperatures. The few times that saw the fall of the Roman sky snow were a pleasant surprise for citizens and tourists who have taken advantage of this rare event to see the city from a different perspective romantically. Think of the snow-covered ruins of the Roman Forum or the majesty of the Colosseum, which bends under a light blanket of white. When will all this could happen in the summer? In addition, there should also be noted as the lower number of tourists it can make you feel like a true Roman, especially if we are able to capture aspects of the daily routine, breathing the air of the most authentic and homemade sincere

Here are some activities available to those who want to discover Rome in winter.

For music lovers, the reference point is represented Auditorium Parco della Musica, which continuously offers an extensive program of activities and events. Very broad and able to meet the fans of various genres also offer exhibitions and artistic events

For those who love contemporary art is a must to visit the MACRO Testaccio and MACRO, the two branches of the Museum contemporary art exhibitions Capitol, offering art workshops and other initiatives of great interest.

Those who love the world of sculpture can visit Montemartini, a place where the art form is combined with spaces designed to accommodate a thermal power plant.

The ancient history of Rome and the art they create a unique blend, which can be accessed, for example, Trajan’s Market and the Cloister of Bramante. Not to mention three other important places for art in Rome: the Maxxi, the Exhibition Building and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

For those who want to know as the gastronomic aspect of Roman culture, there is only the pick of the taverns and pubs where you can taste the typical Roman cuisine.


In summer, warm nights in Rome ¬†with a full program of events. From culture to art, through music. For years, the capital is the backbone of “intense and difficult life, especially at night, in the warm months of June, July, August and September. For further information on: www.estateromana.comune.roma.it

Along the Tiber – As the moon reflects on the “blonde river”, the walk along the Tiber is nice because with the summer there are stalls, food stalls and music.

The island of cinema – the Tiber Island was transformed into a movie theater with outdoor initiatives, competitions, films, debates and therefore Rome – in the summer evenings – it becomes part of the culture , entertainment and friendliness.

Rock in Roma – the music festival for a few years now animates Capannelle racecourse. Many artists, surrounded by good music to eat and drink and spend a summer evening Romana.

July sounds good – Auditorium Parco della Musica is July sounds good, concentrated in a month event that showcases the Auditorium prestigious and beautiful music for a summer class …

Walking along the sea – the sea front of Rome-Ostia becomes a pedestrian and walk a few steps from the beach is fun. A little sea breeze, some place where you can stop for a drink stalls and a desire for a little ‘summer shopping!

During the event-packed Estate Romana (Roman Summer) festival, piazze, palazzi, parks and courtyards come alive with music from local bands, films are shown on outdoor screens late into the night, and cultural events such as readings and gastronomic events take place in venues around town.

In autumn                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Rome in autumn becomes a splendid city. Admiring the sunset from the top of its seven hills this time of year will be an unforgettable experience.
The roman Ottobrate are known for the mild climate, the warm sun in the central day of the day and the fresh air of the evening, the indescribable color of the city at sunset … there is no better month to visit the capital.
There are many things that can be done, and are much better this season than the summer ones.
The tour of the Roman Forum offers shelter from the sun. There are events that take place in Rome in the fall and are not happening in the rest of the year.
Autumn is the time of the Film Festival, the Cinema – International Festival of Rome, which takes place in November at the Music Park.
You can also take tickets for movies and other associated events.
If you want to take some rest, you can go to Piazza del Popolo where you will find shelter both physically and mentally away from the confusion of the city. You can visit Villa Borghese, Rome’s largest park and admire its beauty. This autumn park turns golden color and becomes even more magical.
Autumn is also the start of the soccer season and if you’re a fan of this sport, you can see Rome or Lazio playing.
If you are so lucky to come to Rome during this time, you will experience the moonlight at the Colosseum and all the feeling of this rare and special occasion. If you love animals, you can not miss a visit to the BioParco of Rome with animals and all the best of flora and fauna. And then the exhibitions, the shopping, the theater and maybe dine in a typical Roman tavern: artichoke, a plate of raisins, a good glass of Castelli wine and maybe at midnight a maritozzo with cream to close in sweetness.

In spring
In the spring the streets of Rome are filled with colors and scents, the many parks of the city blossom green and wandering around Villa Borghese, Villa Ada and Villa Pamphili is a great way to enjoy the city. Spring is also the Easter celebrations and Rome is the cradle of world Christianity. The days get longer, the temperatures become milder and Rome is reborn after the winter drowsiness. Walk through the Roman Forum, visit the Coliseum, dine in the winding streets of Trastevere and make long walks along the Tiber and its ancient bridges are the ideal ingredients for a short vacation that can not be forgotten. And then the visit of the city rose garden, the garden of the Institute of Japanese culture and many small corners of paradise that, with the awakening of nature, tell the charm of the floral world

Many events are free; check the Town Council website is www.comune.roma.it. for details