Where we are
Where we are

How to get there:

1. From Termini Central Station: Take subway (M) line A (direction Anagnina) and get off at “Furio Camillo” (4.6 km)
2. From Fiumicino – L. da Vinci: Take the train to Roma Termini, then the subway up to ‘Furio Camillo’ (27.7 Km) or by car along the highway E80
3. From Ciampino Airport – C. Pastine: take the bus outside the airport direct to the underground A Anagnina and once rose (direction Battistini), get off at “Furio Camillo” (10.8 Km)
4. By car coming from Milan or Naples: take the GRA (Great Ring Road) and go up to ‘(exit 23), SS 7 Appia.

Where we are

San Giovanni, so it is called simply the Appio-Latino (61 673 inhabitants and an area of 5.8491 sq. km.) where you will find Hotel Appia 442. But more than a quarter is an endless row of shops. Only the stretch of road that runs from ¬†Piazzale ¬†Appio to Furio Camillo, there are over 450 shops where you can buy everything, plus the popular Alberone market and flea market ‚Äė Via Sannio‚Äô. But Appio-Latino is not just shops, is also Villa Lazzaroni and the Park of Caffarella. With its 130 acres open to the public, the park is made unique by the very close relationship between nature and history. In the midst of a delicate botanical ecosystem, appear and disappear between the patches: monumental tombs, cisterns, the Tower Valca, ¬†the House of Vaccareccia , the Church of St. Urban – one of the oldest in Rome – the Ninfeo ¬†of Egeria , sources springs and small ditches.

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Places of interest:

* Distance from Colosseo km. 3.2 (direct bus)
* Distance from Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano (Scala Santa) km. 2 (2 metro stops)
* Distance from Piazza di Spagna and all the famous shopping miles. 5.1 (6 metro stops)
* Distance from Via Veneto km. 4.6 (5 metro stops away)
* Distance from Piazza Venezia km. 4.3 (direct bus)
* Distance from the Vatican km. 6,7
* Via Appia Nuova is a former commercial street known shopping in Rome

Nearby, where you get:

to walk:
* Cinema (5 screens)
* The famous flea market and not, ‘Via Sannio’
* Fine dining on fish, meat and Roman kitchen.
* Pizzerias, bars and “just sandwiches.”
* The capital’s most famous tiramisu
* Department stores and shopping streets
* The shopping center Happio

* Tuscolana Station

Reachable by subway:

* Vatican and S. Peter
* Spanish Steps
* Trevi Fountain
* Coliseum
* via Veneto
* Quirinal
* the famous Baths of Caracalla (for opera and ballet in the summer)
* ‘Teatro Brancaccio’ or the film at the (with the famous Studio 5 by Fellini)
* Opera House, the Sistina Theater or Eliseo Theater and the Great Mall Anagnina

* Fiera di Roma ( Exhibition Centre )